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Assisi Catholic College

Assisi College is an established P-12 College offering quality Catholic education in the Franciscan tradition. Situated on the northern end of the Gold Coast, Assisi offers an expansive curriculum and quality extra curricula activities giving all students the opportunity for growth and success. The College aims to develop positive relationships with parents and the wider community and is recognised as a safe, friendly, exciting yet affordable college.

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Jubilee Primary School

Jubilee Primary School is one of Brisbane Catholic Education’s three Ecumenical Schools. Jubilee is founded on a partnership of students, parents, staff, pastors and parishioners at a local level within the broader mission of the four associated churches – : St Mary’s Catholic Community, Coomera; Southland International – Apostolic Australia Church; Gold Coast North Anglican Church; Living Rivers Uniting Church and New Life Uniting Church. Jubilee is a living vision of local churches!  Visit our Website

Address: 34 Manra Way , Pacific Pines Qld 4211
Mail address: PO Box 486, Helensvale, Qld. 4212
Telephone: 07 5502 8566
Facsimile: 07 5502 8522

After School Hours Care(run by Centre Care) – 07 5573 7726

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Weekly Readings


From Father John
Dear parishioners, visitors & friends, On behalf of Fr. John, 
I invite us to share Deacon Jeremy’s reflection on the gospel. God bless you all.
For many of us, we may ask what does it mean to be a good shepherd? To be a good shepherd takes upon itself the responsibility to care for not only oneself, but also the care of others. What is the role of a priest? A priest is not only a spiritual father who has a deep and spiritual relationship with God, but he has a pastoral duty to take care of the faithful in his parish. What are the roles of parents? Parents are responsible for the upbringing of their children so that they may grow up to become well and mature human beings amongst society. These are the roles and responsibilities that we see on a daily basis. The role of the good shepherd takes many forms in our society whether that be at home, at church or at work. Some are employed to public services and do this for the sake of personal ambitions and success. Some are employed because they are passionate for the work that they do. Some may even be indifferent towards others because of a lack of passion, which in effect, treating their roles and duties as mere burdens. But this is not so for Jesus our Lord. As Jesus said in the Gospel of John, “The sheep that belong to me listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me.” Jesus knows each and every one of us. He continues to be among us and inspire us to turn to his ways. No matter how difficult we may be towards him, He will never treat us with indifference. He desires that all would turn to him and follow him. That is his mission for the universal church. And everyone is called to join his flock. God bless you all.
Deacon Jeremy Santoso
Christmas 2016



All  events and holy mass  will be held at the St. Mary’s Worship Center, Upper Coomera

Saturday, 24th December (CHRISTMAS EVE)

4.30pm –  Carol Singing   | 5:00  – Holy Mass 

9.30pm –  Carol Singing  | 10:00 pm –  Holy Mass 

Sunday 25th December 2016 (CHRISTMAS DAY)

7.30am Holy Mass

9.30am Holy Mass

Saturday, 31st December (NEW YEAR’S EVE)

6pm – Holy Mass 

Sunday 1st January 2017 (NEW YEAR’S DAY)

7.30am Mass  |  9am Mass | 5pm Mass 


Lenten Progam





Ash Wednesday – Mass at 7pm

Stations of the Cross – Every Friday at 7pm

Mass Times :


Christmas Message from Archbishop Mark Coleridge