Parish Announcements

1st Friday of the Month: 10am Anointing Mass - SMC (followed by morning tea)

7pm - 9pm Silent Adoration - SMC (all are welcome)

1st Sunday of the Month: 9am Mass - Baptism Welcoming Mass - SMC (followed by morning tea)

4th Sunday of the Month: 9am Mass - Youth led Mass (followed by light refreshments)

Silent Adoration on 1st Friday of every month between 7 to 9pm. The next Adoration is on 3rd August.

Planned Giving Envelopes 2018/2019 -The Planned Giving Envelopes for 2018/2019 they are now available for collection in the foyer of the Worship Centre. Please take the box with your name on it. We do have extra’s for those who are new to this form of donation. Many thanks to you all for your continuing generosity to the Parish

Anti-Abortion Petition - In the coming months, the Queensland Parliament will again debate the topic of abortion. It will be the second time in two years that the Parliament has discussed the abortion. A draft bill has been written for our politicians to consider. The draft bill has some significant areas of concern for many Catholics. The Archdiocese wants to hear from you about this topic. A website has been set up to gain feedback on this new bill aiming to make sure that Queenslanders understand the nature of this legislation. We need your help. Please consider signing the petition in the back of the church today. Additionally, if you would like to know more about this topic, or express your views on the website please include your email address when you sign the form. The Archbishop’s office will forward you the most up-to-date information and your personal details will be kept confidential and not shared with other organisations. Your thoughts on this legislation are important to us and to Parliament. Thank you.

Message of Appreciation - Thank you to all those parishioners who have already donated to our parish building project. The generosity of some of us has been incredible. While we thank those who have already made some generous contributions, we also encourage those who haven’t done anything to please do something. We are still very far from reaching our target. Those who wish to donate with cash can please do so at the Piety Stall. The Piety Stall is open after every weekend Mass. Let us sow some seeds of faith. Thank you for your continued support & generosity to the parish

VOLUNTEER DATA FORMS - Volunteer forms are required for everyone working in any capacity within St. Mary’s Parish. Even those who do not need a Blue Card or Police Check. These forms are available at the back of the Worship Centre or at the Parish Office. Thank you

BLUE CARD/POLICE CHECK DETAILS To all volunteers who have received a Blue Card or Police Check recently, please inform the Parish Office of your new card number and expiry date.If your Blue Card is about to expire please collect a Blue Card form from the foyer of the Worship Centre as soon as possible. It is imperative that our records are up to date. Thank you.

Plenary Council 2020
Listen to what the Spirit is saying. Pope Francis has approved the Australian Bishops’ decision to hold a Plenary Council in Australia 2020 and 2021. It is a significant moment for the Church in Australia to make decisions about the future. To prepare the agenda for the Plenary Council, all of God’s people are invited to reflect on the question: “What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?” Find out more about the Plenary Council 2020 at the new website now online:

Changes to Children’s Liturgy - We have decided to make some changes to the structure of the Children’s Liturgy. From now on, Children’s Liturgy will take place on the 1st Sunday of each month at the 9am Mass. On all other Sundays of the month, Fr. John will call the children up at the end of the Mass and hand out children's bulletins which can be taken home. We are appealing for more volunteers for our Children's Liturgy ministry. This is an essential ministry that brings the word of God to the young children of our parish.Volunteers must have a current blue card. Blue card forms are available on the table in the foyer of the Worship Centre. For more information, please contact Rhiannon 

Venire’s Mission - To shine the light of Christ into the hearts and minds of young Christians in an uplifting, supportive, and fun environment For more information or to RSVP for Venire contact : Cassandra Balinas on 0416 145 472 or Steph Santos on 0411 669 876 or

Choir Practice

There is choir practice every Saturday at 4.30pm - 5.30pm in the Worship Centre. This practice involves all members of the choir, both those who sing at the 6pm Mass on Saturday and those who sing at 9am Mass on Sunday. New members are welcome.

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Weekly Readings


From Father John
Dear parishioners, visitors & friends,
Generosity is not determined by the amount of wealth someone has, but by the attitude of someone’s heart. People with a generous heart never see anyone in need without doing something to help whereas people bereft of a generous heart are hardly ever generous even when they are wealthy. The woman from the Sidonian town of Zarephath, and the woman in the gospel showed acts of extraordinary generosity not because they had plenty of wealth but because of their generous hearts. They were both widows. As widows, they lived in a patriarchal society which left them destitute and poor. With the death of their respective husbands, they lived in a precarious situation. When Elijah first approached the Sidonian widow and begged her for some food, she was very polite to point out the extremity of the situation in which she and her son had found themselves with the impeding famine. However, she didn’t need much persuasion, before she shared the little food she had with Elijah. Elijah had assured her that “the jar of meal and jug of oil will not fail until the famine is over”. She showed faith and trust in the promise made to her by Elijah. Faith is the channel through which the generosity and power of God flow into our hearts. According to an old saying, “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” When the poor widow shared the little food they had with Elijah, God greatly rewarded her and her son. In this life, there is nothing we do for God that will ever go unrewarded (1 Cor 15:58). The woman in the gospel also acted with generosity. While the rich were giving out of their surpluses, the poor widow gave all she had to live on. The contrast between her and the rich was obvious. The rich gave out of their abundance but she gave all she had to live on. Her faith and trust in the God of providence spurred and motivated her. It takes faith for us to realise that everything we have is nothing but pure gifts. “What do you have that you did not receive, “Saint Paul writes (1 Cor 4:7). While this might sound like a rhetorical question, Saint Paul stirs up in us a sense of stewardship and right attitude towards everything about our life. Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father (James 1:17). Therefore, when we put money into the collection baskets or use our gifts for the good of the Parish, we are simply giving back to the God from whom we have received the gifts we have. And when we give until it hurts, we have not only shown an act of great generosity, but also an act of trust and gratitude to God. We only give from our need if we trust that God will provide for us. The Missionaries of Charity, the Religious Order founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta depend on the goodwill and generosity of many good men and women to survive. I am not suggesting that married couples with kids live like the Missionaries of Charity, but we can all live a life that is underpinned by deep trust in God. It takes great faith and trust for anyone to be so generous to a point were it hurts. Meanwhile it is not the size of the gift that matters but the cost and the sacrifice involved. As a parish, the day we realise that “givers never lack” or that our wealth and everything we own are nothing but pure gifts from God, we will not only begin to have a more “Silent Collection” with more notes and less coins, but almost everyone will be happy to get involved in the affairs of the parish.
God bless you all.
Fr. John Ikechukwu Echewodo
Parish Priest
Christmas 2016



All  events and holy mass  will be held at the St. Mary’s Worship Center, Upper Coomera

Saturday, 24th December (CHRISTMAS EVE)

4.30pm –  Carol Singing   | 5:00  – Holy Mass 

9.30pm –  Carol Singing  | 10:00 pm –  Holy Mass 

Sunday 25th December 2016 (CHRISTMAS DAY)

7.30am Holy Mass

9.30am Holy Mass

Saturday, 31st December (NEW YEAR’S EVE)

6pm – Holy Mass 

Sunday 1st January 2017 (NEW YEAR’S DAY)

7.30am Mass  |  9am Mass | 5pm Mass 


Lenten Progam





Ash Wednesday – Mass at 7pm

Stations of the Cross – Every Friday at 7pm

Mass Times :