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Parish Priest: Father John Ikechukwu Echewodo

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Weekly Readings


From Father John
Dear parishioners, friends & visitors,
As children, we are all grateful to our parents for the rare and irreplaceable gifts and treasures they are to us. I am forever indebted to my late parents especially mum Felicia. Due to poverty, mum was unable to obtain a formal education but she was incredibly wise and full of wisdom. Like every good woman, she was a hard worker and was never idle. Mum taught me that ‘every achievement in this life starts with a conscious decision to try and have a go’. She always maintained that since all human fingers are not equal, life is not about competition but rather consists in one’s ability to have a go and not being afraid of failure.
In the gospel of this weekend, Jesus told the parable of a master, who, before going abroad, summoned his servants and gave each of them talents according to their individual abilities. In this parable, the word ‘talent’ means money and not skills. When the master called his three servants and gave each of them talents, the first two servants took their talents and invested them, and the value was doubled when the master returned. The third buried his talent and did nothing with it. The value or worth of human life is not measured by the amount of money or wealth someone has but by what someone does with one’s given talents and wealth. God never demands from us things we are incapable of doing but only things we can do. The three servants were given differing gifts. One was given five talents, another two and another one. They were given gifts according to their abilities. While the servants who received five and two talents respectively used their talents diligently and doubled them, the third servant left his talent unused. He just buried it in the ground. Perhaps he would have at least made an attempt if only he knew ‘that every achievement in this life starts with a conscious decision to try and have a go.’
The Christian faith flourishes and diminishes on the truth of this parable. When we were baptised, we were all given a priceless gift of faith – a gift we ought to put into daily use and not put away in a hidden cupboard. Faith is not only a foundational gift, but also a gift that opens the door to other gifts such as: Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Counsel, Fortitude, Piety and Awe of the Lord. These are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. We received these gifts when we were confirmed. But how much of these gifts do we see evident and working in us daily? How often do we use these gifts for the good of others and for the greater glory of God? There is a correlation between the first reading and the gospel. The worthy or perfect wife in the first reading is someone who received many talents and put all of them to good use.
In appreciation of these readings, I hope we can take stock of the many gifts God has given us, and still gives us in this life. When we use our God-given gifts, we are not only making ourselves good and faithful servants, but also missionaries in our world. People who benefit from our God-given gifts can see Jesus Christ in and through us. There are many wonderful people whose gifts have brought significant blessings to our Parish. As your priest and pastor, I am very grateful to God for the seeds of service, which have been sown in the lives of many in our Parish. It is my hope and prayer that these seeds will continue to develop and flourish in deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ, who blesses us daily with the ultimate gift of life and many other wonderful gifts and talents. 
God Bless You All !

Fr. John Ikechukwu Echewodo

Parish Priest

Christmas 2016



All  events and holy mass  will be held at the St. Mary’s Worship Center, Upper Coomera

Saturday, 24th December (CHRISTMAS EVE)

4.30pm –  Carol Singing   | 5:00  – Holy Mass 

9.30pm –  Carol Singing  | 10:00 pm –  Holy Mass 

Sunday 25th December 2016 (CHRISTMAS DAY)

7.30am Holy Mass

9.30am Holy Mass

Saturday, 31st December (NEW YEAR’S EVE)

6pm – Holy Mass 

Sunday 1st January 2017 (NEW YEAR’S DAY)

7.30am Mass  |  9am Mass | 5pm Mass 


Lenten Progam





Ash Wednesday – Mass at 7pm

Stations of the Cross – Every Friday at 7pm

Mass Times :

  • Palm Sunday
    • Vigil Mass –  Saturday April 8, 6pm
    • Sunday April 9 – 7:30am, 9:30am, 5pm
  • 2nd Rite of Reconciliation – Monday April 10, 7pm
  • Holy Thursday – April 13, 7 pm 
  • Good Friday – April 14
    • 10am – Stations of the Cross
    •  3pm  – Passion of our Lord
  • Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil) – April 15, 7 pm 
  • Easter Sunday – April 16, 7:30am , 9:30am