History of St. Mary’s Church , Coomera

The first recorded coming together of Catholics in the Coomera River District was in April 1866. The church building was erected in 1890 at Upper Coomera. It was then extended and transferred to Oxenford in 1935, and Church1890moved to the present site at Upper Coomera in 2005.


St Mary’s became a separate parish in late 1997. St Mary’s Catholic Community is a growing vibrant parish catering for a diversity of age groups and ethnic backgrounds. Our two Mass centres are welcoming and community based..

Significant dates for the Catholic Church in the region

1860’s to early 1870’s —-Occasional pastoral Visits By Fr.Denis Fouhy.


1865 First Catholic Church in Logan Reserve district(near Woodridge)
1870’s Mass at Binstead Homestead Coomera

1875 to 1884 Part of Logan Mission

Logan Mission covers from Stradbroke Island ,St Helena Island and Cleveland to NSW border , Beaudesert and to Boonah


1875 Fr.Benedict Scortechni,a botanist, buys Masonic Hall in Yatala and converts it to the first Catholic Church in the Beenleigh District, It was opened by Bishop Quinn. Churches >opened in Tallebudgera 1878,Southport 1882,and Nerang 1882. Visit the Council of Heads of Australian Herbaria for a detailed biography of Fr.Scortechni
1875-1884 Fr.Scortechni visits the Coomera River on a 3 monthly circuit. Masses,baptisms funerals and weddings held at Siganto Home,Upper Coomera

Pastor of Logan Parish

John & Elizabeth Siganto Collection:Local Studies Library,Gold Coast Council

John & Elizabeth Siganto
Collection:Local Studies Library,Gold Coast Council


Pastoral Care with Fr.Enright and Fr.O’Reilly

1884-1887 Fr.James Enright baptises in Coomera on his Circuit (he resides in Beaudesert)
1887-1891 Fr.Enright and his new assistant priest Fr.James O’Reilly baptise in Coomera on their circuits
1888 Fundraising for new Church on the Coomera well underway (25/2/88 The Southern Queensland Bulletin)
1890 New Church at Upper Coomera


Part Of New Southport Parish

1892 Logan Mission divided- Southport,a new parish including Upper Coomera Church and Beenleigh; Waterford part of Beaudesert Parish; Cleveland and Dunwich were attached to Brisbane
1935 Transfer of Upper Coomera Church to Oxenford

St. Mary’s Church being transported across Coomera Weir on the way from Upper Coomera to Oxenford , c1935
Collection: Local Studies Library, Gold Coast City Council

Saint Mary’s Church, Oxenford, circa 1935
Collection: Local Studies Library, Gold Coast City Council


Part of new Runaway Bay Parish

1980 St Mary’s Church reopened after local working bees (after having been closed for nine years)
1993 Bishop Cuskelly (November 10th) invites Vincential Priests to establish Oxenford Pastoral area. Vincentians agree on November 15th

RCIA begun locally
Church ramp constructed
Priest residence/office/meeting space rented in Helensvale (and later changed to rental at Oxenford until end of 1997)


Oxenford Pastoral Mission

1994 Fr Brian Spillane, Fr Bill Irwin, Sr Marie, Sr Fran
Weekend masses increased from one to three
Formation of mission leadership team ‘Vision’ Team
Ministers Circle formed. Ecumenical Pastoral Group formed
Care and Concern Group and Finance Group formed

1997 to present

Oxenford becomes a separate parish (December 1997)

1997 Gerry Hefferan is appointed Parish Priest November
1998 Parish office/residence moves to Xanadu, Upper Coomera in January
1998 Parish twins with Soibada parish in East Timor
1999 Establishment of St Mary’s St Vincent de Paul conference
2000 Sr Moira begins as Pastoral Associate
2001 Local Covenant signed May 20th with St Mary’s Catholic Community Oxenford, Gold Coast North Anglican Church, Apostolic Church Australia, Uniting Church Coomera – Helensvale Linked Congregations
Opening of Jubilee Primary School
2005 Church building moved to the present Upper Coomera site
Opening of Assisi Catholic College
2006 Opening of St Mary’s Child Care Centre (run by Centacare)
2007 Fr Patrick Lim appointed administrator in November 2007
2008 Fr Adrian Sharp appointed Parish Priest
2010 Fr Antony Vadakara appointed Parish Priest in August 2010
2016 Fr John Echewodo appointed Parish Priest in June 2016


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Weekly Readings


From Father John
Dear parishioners, visitors & friends,
Each year we begin our observance of the Holy Season of Lent with the celebration of Ash Wednesday. This year we have an interesting coincidence as Ash Wednesday was celebrated on the same day as Valentine’s Day. Last Wednesday, I hope all roads led to the Church and not to the garden. I hope people spent more time in the chapels, places of prayers and Churches in fasting, prayers and meditations than they did in the gardens. There is no contradiction between what happens on any Valentine’s Day or Ash Wednesday. They are all about love. The only difference is that Ash Wednesday deals with real and deeper love. It talks about love that is often enshrined in the messiness of human life and love that often ends in death. Quite often when we speak about love, we think of emotions and feelings whereas Ash Wednesday reminds us that genuine love goes beyond mere warm feelings or attractions. Genuine love is about making ‘the decision to love another unconditionally’ and being open to the grace from God that enables a person to sacrifice and to give oneself freely to God and for the good of others. This is nothing but the Good news as proclaimed by Jesus Christ and testified by many messengers of the good news.
The gospel of this first weekend of Lent opens as Jesus Christ freely allowed Himself to be led by the Spirit and driven into the wilderness where He was tempted by Satan. This event in Mark’s gospel comes immediately after Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan. We remember that as Jesus was baptised, the heavens were torn open, the Spirit descended upon him, and a voice came from heaven and said: “You are my beloved Son” (Mark 1: 11). No sooner was the glory, the statement of endorsement and affirmation over than the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness where Jesus was tempted.
As mortals and broken people, we are not precluded or immune from daily temptations.In our daily life, we are often tricked, deceived and lured into doing things or saying things that do not reflect our true identity as redeemed sons and daughters of a loving God. But the choice is always ours to make. We can either fall into temptations or overcome temptations. In the Book of Genesis (Gen 2:7-9; 3:1-7), Adam and Eve made the choice to fall into the temptation, while Jesus in the gospel made the choice to overcome temptation.
Often we choose to mark our Lenten observances, by giving up things like alcohol, coffee, chocolates or some other food or drinks we like. But how often do we think of giving up the distractions that often lead us into temptation? No one who is distracted can overcome temptation. Jesus was able to overcome the tempter because He was focused on prayer and meditation. He knew that the love of God was greater than any worldly gift. His mind, heart, soul and whole life was centred on God’s love for Him. As we solemnly observe this Holy Season of Lent in preparation for the celebration of the Trid-uum and the feast of Easter, may we, like Jesus, journey into the wilderness in our individual lives which may include our appetites, emotions, feelings, desires, or areas of our lives where we feel terribly vulnerable, overwhelmed or challenged. Lent is about putting our distracted life into perspective. Let’s not be afraid of spending some time in those barren areas of our lives and let’s not be afraid of confronting the demons that tempt us daily.
God bless you all.
Fr. John Ikechukwu Echewodo 
Christmas 2016



All  events and holy mass  will be held at the St. Mary’s Worship Center, Upper Coomera

Saturday, 24th December (CHRISTMAS EVE)

4.30pm –  Carol Singing   | 5:00  – Holy Mass 

9.30pm –  Carol Singing  | 10:00 pm –  Holy Mass 

Sunday 25th December 2016 (CHRISTMAS DAY)

7.30am Holy Mass

9.30am Holy Mass

Saturday, 31st December (NEW YEAR’S EVE)

6pm – Holy Mass 

Sunday 1st January 2017 (NEW YEAR’S DAY)

7.30am Mass  |  9am Mass | 5pm Mass 


Lenten Progam





Ash Wednesday – Mass at 7pm

Stations of the Cross – Every Friday at 7pm

Mass Times :